Commitment Ceremony

A commitment ceremony is a great way to express the commitment you share with your partner. For those couples who don’t want the legal wedding but do want to express their commitment to each other, a commitment ceremony is perfect.

For many years a commitment ceremony was widely used for same sex couple as it gave couples the experience of a wedding without the legal registration with Births, Death & Marriages.

Now that all people who are in love can marry the commitment ceremony serves as a way to tell each other that you are committed, just like a marriage but without that legal piece of paper. This ceremony can be as creative as you like with as many elements of a real wedding. 

Commitment Ceremony $400


  • A personalised ceremony written specifically for you
  • Unlimited face to face consultations
  • Unlimited phone consultations
  • Unlimited email correspondence
  • Provide couple with information kit
  • Dress in appropriate colours for your ceremony
  • Communicate with photographer for best photos (if possible)
  • Beautifully presented book of your ceremony
  • COVIDsafe plan for large ceremonies
  • QR and Paper Check in system
  • PA system to reach up to 120 people (where possible)
  • Rehearsal if needed
  • Commitment Ceremony Certificate
  • Secure a replacement celebrant in the event of unforeseeable circumstances
  • Additional service for a fee

  • Photo book of ceremony with your choice of photos ($105 fee applies)