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Pre Marriage Pathway

What is a Pre Marriage Pathway? Glad you asked. Getting Married means things may change, you may have questions about how thing will be after the big day but not know how to approach them or bring them up with your future husband or wife. The Pre Marriage Pathway is simply a list of questions you and your partner answer. These questions helps you raise those concerns in a simple way that will bring the issues you need to discuss to the forefront and helps you find the answers. 

The Catholic Church requires every couple to undergo a Pre Marriage questionnaires prior to marrying. Many other churches have adopted this as an option for couples. Recent studies at the Georgetown University show that Catholic marriages have a much higher success rate and have found that this questionnaire puts the couple on the same page before entering into their marriage.  

Now our assessment is not one of a Religious or Catholic foundation but we have adopted the formula and created a Pre Marriage Assessment that will suit all couples, no matter what their gender, race or faith may be.